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A fresh approach to data modeling. Download a Trial.
Design Software for your Database

Database Design Tool

Hyperlinked model navigation puts database design power at your fingertips
Most comprehensive database and diagramming support
Clean, clutter-free, modern design environment
ER Model for your Database

Entity Relationship Models

Delivering on over two decades of database modeling and design experience
Built on solid, well-designed self-validating framework
Quality organization with focus on Technical Support
ER Diagram Examples add Value

Database Modeling Software

Design, document, and maintain your database more cost effectively
Fast & Robust at a Competitive Price
Award winning, knowledgeable customer support

“When you need to model your database from scratch or from an existing database, you won’t find a better value than ModelRight.”
Ben Taylor, Editor – SQL Server Worldwide Users Group

“As a former user of Janus, ModelPro, InfoModeler, Visio, ER/Studio and ERwin, I am extremely satisfied with the professional appearance, functionality and performance of ModelRight. For our needs, those products pale when compared to the value of ModelRight - not to mention the quick response and timely builds from the support department.”
Mikal Kimmerle, Senior Software Engineer JDSU

“We’ve been using ModelRight for several years now and have found it to be very stable and helpful. It has a complete set of modeling features and superior database support. I highly recommend it.”
Daniel Ionescu , Vice President, Database Management , JPMorganChase Investment Bank

“ModelRight has become a key part of our enterprise database modeling effort. Extremely powerful and affordable to the point where we can put a copy on everyone's desk.”
John Bossert, Data Architect, Hubspan Inc., Puget Sound Oracle Users Board

“As a pure Database Modeling Tool, nothing else comes close."
David McKelvey, Richardson, Texas

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